Fear Itself (2015).

This is a documentary exclusively for BBC iPlayer about fear and what scares us. Included within it are scenes from 100 years of horror filmmaking.

The premise of this documentary seemed to be really interesting. Horror films are scary – that’s just taken as given. From a wide diversity of countries, the collection of horror films used within this documentary was really fascinating and as well as noting films I had watched, it made me want to dive in and explore the horror genre myself.

The editing was slick, but this isn’t your standard documentary fare. It is still a very interesting documentary to watch nonetheless, and it seems to have transcended the typical montage film it looked in danger of becoming.

I was too chicken to watch the documentary all in one big lump but nonetheless it was still very satisfying when it was over (I watched it in three stretches of time). The voiceover was eerie and chilling too. Fear itself as a mechanism is explored within the documentary itself. Because, after all, it is sometimes the seemingly ‘normal’ everyday people we have to fear most of all.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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