Final Thoughts on London Spy.

So London Spy finished with a crash, bang, wallop.

Or perhaps not quite.

Ultimately, the series was rather disappointing. It shot off in so many directions that I found myself caring little for what happened in the story. It started out so promisingly, but quickly became daft and rather implausible.

I know I probably shouldn’t react like this about a series of little importance but from the premise at least it seemed to be a very promising series to watch. The abysmal plot was saved by the actors themselves, though. But only marginally.

What started out as an intriguing quickly became a huge mess. Obviously good intentions went into the making of the series but the underlying plot was a bit of a disaster and as a result it all mashed together into one total disaster of a series. I just walked away from watching the final episode feeling a big dose of ‘meh’.

Ben Whishaw was good but unfortunately its the godawful plot at fault and he has done and could do better. Edward Holcroft as ‘Alex’ was good too, but of course the way it all played out left me caring little for it at the very end. The whole plot at the closure of the episode turned more into a woman who wanted her own back on a world she had had to live in almost by proxy. One thing is for certain, don’t have a child just to make him a genius as a way to get back at a husband who has been operating a spy ring under your very nose. Important life lesson right there. Also, was it just me or did Whishaw’s accent display a baffling variance not possible by a human person?

MY RATING: ** / *****


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