Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2015

Downton Abbey finale wins Christmas TV ratings battleSo at last the curtains close on a show which has been popular for the whole 5 years of its run.

In truth, it was surprising when it became apparent that all of the narrative arcs had been tied up for the characters in the special. I had begun to warm to the series ever so slightly, and it was a true delight.

While many news reports said that this final episode would leave viewers in a puddle of snot and tears, personally I found this to not be the case. Of course I loved watching it and remembering the series, I wasn’t massively affected by the show’s ending, even though historically the clouds of another war were not looming so very darkly yet.

It cannot be denied that Fellowes is a bit too in love with himself and the costume drama he created. Despite some very obvious nods to other dramas, it was an OK show over all. It also made me think that even the idea of a class bound system is incredibly archaic by modern standards because society is malleable and people have moved on from convoluted close-minded ideas.

It was good to see everyone get their happy ending, even though it was very disappointing to see that they didn’t do more with the Tom Branson character. There is talk of there being a film made, but in all honesty its best to leave the series tied up neatly as it is.

MY RATING: ***.5/ *****


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