Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2015

Call the Midwife Christmas 2015


This warming, nostalgic show is still very popular.


Combine nuns, babies, community and nostalgia and you have the perfect mix to make a show which appeals to people because of its warm, cuddly and unthreatening plotlines.

Of course, the same material has to be repeated and the show doesn’t have the same emotional punch as the earlier series of the drama. Now with Jessica Raine / Jennifer Lee out of the show the use of the voiceover seems a bit redundant and could very easily be reduced to ‘lesson of the week’ etc. When there are serious issues in the episodes (i.e.: measles) the episode will always end happily even if that happiness or joy is borne out of disaster.

With the upcoming series focusing on the 1960s, that could certainly prove to be interesting. At least with the appearance of a television in the show, it shows that, at least slowly, the small community is feeling the emergence of modernity and is slowly stepping away from the dark, smoky moments of yesteryear. This year’s Christmas special didn’t punch me in the gut with emotion but there were still plenty of good performances by the cast as per usual.

I don’t know why I’ve stayed attached to this sweet little show for its entire run but the nostalgia element could be overlaid with the emphasis on community which is probably lacking in the 21st century.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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