First Flight (2006)

A nice little DreamWorks animation short about a bird learning to fly.

I usually don’t review animation shorts because they’re pretty much what you’d expect but this one looked sweet so I thought it would be worth a watch anyway.

My expectations were blown away time and time again during the short run time of this film. The animation itself is beautiful and is seemingly simple while exuding a liveliness which quickly becomes apparent.

In the short film, the little bird learning to fly is seen by a stressed businessman and in turn he learns to value his own life. Of course, there is no dialogue so the beauty of the film is through the expressions. I didn’t expect to be moved by this film, but I was.

You can usually find short films like this rattling around on websites such as BBCi Player occasionally so they’re worth a watch if you see any around.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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