A Beautiful Mind (2001)

I watched this film on New Years Eve Eve 2015. It is about John Nash, (who died recently) whose mind becomes nightmarish when he a secretive job in cryptography. Slight spoilers ahead.

Going into this film completely plot-blind and ignorant probably helped a great deal because it meant I had no preconceived judgements about the narrative or its function.

Russell Crowe is eerily brilliant as Nash, and the film had me hooked throughout. Paul Bettany was superb as one of the people in John’s imagination. His characterization was so solid, and when the horrific truth became apparent his mere presence was all the more eerie. At various points, the moments where imagination and reality blur are hard to identify and thus you feel the same alienation as Nash.

Jennifer Connelly played the role of Nash’s wife Alicia and the way the film showed the marriage’s descent into horror as John’s schizophrenia took over his life felt expertly done and felt very invasive. The scene when he leaves the baby in the bath was difficult to watch.

Recently, I’ve been stepping out of my film comfort zone and have enjoyed far more films as a result. I highly recommend you watch this film if you like films which involve Russell Crowe, mathematicians or the struggles of geniuses. The film felt far shorter than its 2hrs 15mins runtime.

MY RATING: ***** / *****


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