High Class Call Girls (2015).

This is obviously a complete 180* from the other blogposts written about on this blog so far.

High Class Call Girls is the sort of documentary Channel 4 pump out with ever-increasing glee.

Filmed almost entirely inside the flat of two call girls, what this documentary incites is a feeling of claustrophobia.

This documentary seems to highlight the easy commercial availability of sex in the 21st century. The two girls who are interviewed in the documentary treat sex very jovially but the perils of their job is sacrificing normal relationships with men, and instead having to have a sugar-daddy arrangement until they decide to break away from the world of call girls and webcams if they can.

The documentary doesn’t condemn the girls for doing sex work. It just presents it and leaves it up to the audience to decide how to process the visuals experienced in the documentary. The documentary even goes as far as to show the two girls in a bond of something akin to sisterhood. It even shows the girls’ respective families and them having to live with the guilty secret that their daughter does sex work.

I don’t really like reviewing these kind of documentaries but its certainly a testament to the 24/7 world of the 21st century – which obviously includes sex.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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