Billionare Boy (2016)


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Based on the book of the same name by David Walliams, this is the story of a friendless millionaire’s son.

This was shown back in January, and it seems to be a tradition to adapt a David Walliams book per year.

This film was good, and had plenty of funny moments within it. The characterizations and archetypes are rather fickle, but that’s to be expected when its adapted from a children’s book.
Catherine Tate was funny as Sapphire Diamond, the greedy, grasping girlfriend of John Thomson’s character, Len, (dad of the central character, Joe) who invented a new type of toilet roll – hence the reason for the enormous wealth for Len but lack of friends for Joe.

Warwick Davis was fantastic as the butler. He stole all the scenes he was in, and he added comedy to the scenes already chock-a-block with talent. And of course David Walliams had a starring role – as the dinner lady. He is a super actor and even though his role was brief it certainly looked like he had lots of fun. The main actor, Elliot Sprakes, certainly has the potential to be a good actor.

Even though the book and film could be dismissed as nothing more than children’s dross, it had a lot of heart and taught that you can’t ‘buy’ friends and that wealth can be used to help others.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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