Peter and Wendy (2015)

A film made in collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital about a girl hospitalized with a heart condition who dreams she is in Neverland with Peter Pan.

The Peter Pan story is obviously still popular and has that timeless quality to it. Hazel Doupe was rather good as the central character, Lucy, while Stanley Tucci played the roles of Dr Wylie and Captain Hook respectively. He played this role with warmth and humour, despite the more serious aspects of the duo-characterization.

The central story has something which everyone can empathize with in their own way. Whether it is the desire to never grow up or to relive an encapsulated childhood, the central story has been adapted multiple times. Now that Great Ormond Street now owns the rights to the Peter Pan story (and thus gets royalties from it), setting it in the famous hospital seemed like the right thing to do, narrative wise.

It looked to be something rather boring and uninteresting. However, it was a very moving but gentle drama. I genuinely expected Lucy to be the character to die – it would have made narrative sense – but all the same it was still a strong drama with promising young actors. Linking the death of another young patient with Peter Pan protecting him in Neverland was the most moving part of the drama.

My only complaint was casting Paloma Faith as Tinkerbell. It just didn’t make very much sense at all and broke the tone of the story itself.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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