Teen Angel (1997-1998)

Teen Angel is a short-lived comedy about a teenager who dies after eating an old hamburger but returns to earth as an angel to watch out for his best friend.

This comedy series was a big part of my childhood and seeing it again was like a nice warm hug. Of course, the comedy was a bit tinny in places and apparently it was supposed to be an offshoot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and in some places this becomes evident.

Many times, the show seems to subvert the standard sitcom-esque humour and is rather funny and quite clever for a postmodern comedy. The addition of Ron Glass as God’s cousin, Rod, was very funny and he and Marty DePolo (Mike Damus) worked well together in their memorable scenes. It was also very amusing to watch a scene where they thought about events 20 years on from their present time. This would have worked out to be 2017. That made me feel very old indeed.

Even though it is good to look back with nostalgia at old comedies I watched and enjoyed, this is one of those times in which the shows should stay rooted in the past. In our memories. Where they belong. While I really enjoyed revisiting this comedy, it lacked any coherent plot development and seemed to exist predominantly for the comedic gags. If it hadn’t been cancelled when it was, it is anybody’s guess when it would have finally breathed its last and ended with a disappointed sigh.

Conchata Ferrell was very funny as Steve’s aunt Pam because her wit was dry and sardonic which complimented the other elements of the comedy very well. So, after this long rambling review, what are my final thoughts?

Well, ultimately it was a fun little comedy to watch but not fantastic. I don’t think if it existed in the 21st century I would have watched it because there’s only so long that the teen angel premise can be found comedic. That being said, it was nice to watch a comedy which took place at a time long before people were checking their facebook and twitter profiles every five minutes. It really is nostalgic, though, because I remember watching it on the Disney channel at one point when I was very young. It was nice to escape back to my memories of those days, at least for a little while.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****



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