Murder Games: The Life and Death of Breck Bednar (2016)

This is a documentary I watched in late January 2016 which told the tragic story of Breck Bednar,a boy who was groomed online and later lured to his death. In this documentary, they also interviewed Breck’s friends and family.

I hadn’t really heard about the case surrounding this documentary until I did a quick bit of googling.

I was disgusted that the Daily Mail was more interested in telling their readers the price of Breck’s house, or the price of his father’s flat, rather than telling the readers the most important thing – that a boy was killed by someone he had met through an online gaming server.

It must’ve been difficult for his friends to talk about him because they were all obviously very close. People might call Breck stupid for falling for Lewis Daynes’s manipulation but the sad thing is that Breck obviously saw Lewis as a friend and thought nothing of the manipulation and mind games he was playing on him. It is horrific that Daynes was known to police and yet they did nothing.

This documentary is a stark warning to kids and parents alike. Its the first documentary I’ve watched which has made me feel genuinely sick to my stomach, and it broke my heart. It made me think how I’d feel if my younger brother got involved with something like this (hint: I would hate it, and blame myself if anything happened to him!). Issues like this need to be discussed because the issue of online grooming is never going to go away.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****



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