Kids (1995)

Movie about some horny teenagers and the rapidly spreading AIDS virus.

I’d heard about this film and decided to watch it, not out of interest but just curiosity. And to be perfectly honest it was the worst film I’ve ever seen in all my 21 years of life.

Of course, I tried to view it from the perspective of someone of that decade who was probably hearing about AIDS on the television all the time. Its very uncomfortable viewing, seeing as quite a few of the actors were still minors when the film was made. The way the boys speak about the girls is absolutely disgusting and see them as nothing  more than sexual objects.

Jennie (Chloe Sevingy)’s torment when she discovers that she has HIV was the best bit of the film because it was heart-wrenching and cruel fate that she became infected whilst one of her friends, Ruby (Rosario Dawson) didn’t, despite having had multiple sexual encounters with multiple partners. I wouldn’t call this film seminal in any way, shape or form. However, it is a harsh lesson about consent and sexual health. In the end, the only feeling I got was a feeling of pity for the characters who were not condemned for their actions but would obviously suffer the consequences through such turmoil as death and unwanted pregnancy.

It didn’t come across as particularly heartfelt or deep, but rather just showing you and not letting you judge because these characters obviously had no other option and would likely go on and on until their tragic fates spelt their destruction.

MY RATING: * / *****


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