Evening (2007)

A film about an old woman’s romance long ago with a handsome doctor in the 1950s. She recalls the story of her romance with him to her daughters before she dies. Starring Vanessa Redgrave and Claire Danes.

Reviews of this film had led me to believe that I would be a puddle of tears on the floor when I watched this. The plot was certainly interesting, and I was indeed ready to become a sorry puddle of emotion on the floor.

The soundtrack is beautifully done, and the cinematography is beautiful. However, the plot verges on the pulpy. Everything was tied up far too neatly at the end but anything for a happy ending. Of sorts.

However, the acting talent was moderately strong. Meryl Streep was wonderful, as was Vanessa Redgrave. I just didn’t feel any emotion for Harris (Patrick Wilson) and didn’t feel particularly moved by their romantic plight. However, the film’s central plot itself about reliving the past and fearing you have made mistakes is something which I find to be relevant to me at the moment because as you grow older there is always the encompassing fear that every choice you make is the wrong choice.

Ultimately, a beautiful film with a few questionable casting choices in an otherwise strong movie. A fantastic soundtrack tops it all, and I did find myself close to tears a few times but not in a sorry for myself puddle of emotion on the floor.

MY RATING: **** / *****



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