Salo (1975)

This movie is a disgusting excuse for a film and you are insane if you are prepared to call it ‘art’.

I saw this a few years ago, drawn more by the shocking and scandalous reputation of the film than anything else. At present, my feelings towards this piece of trash have not changed in the slightest. If anything, they have exacerbated.

Of course European cinema is going to be far more daring in its narrative than American or English cinema but even so this film is still revolting in its narrative and aims. Of course it is supposed to represent Italy under Fascism and it represents the complete loss of dignity of those involved. Even so, unless you are a diehard film scholar who likes to watch these films for fun, I can’t think of anyone who would choose willingly to watch this utter filth.

Of course, I have seen other arguments stated that this film represents the fact that we are bound by constraints. Indeed, that is probably true. This film is so dark it goes deep into the pits of hell and just keeps going.

I have never felt as physically sick watching this film as at any other point during my many hours exploring cinema. Of course the film is based on a book which is just as depraved if not more but I don’t think I will readily explore this film again. It will sit firmly in my ‘Worst Films Ever’ list.

MY RATING: * / *****



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