Foxy Brown (1974).

Film about sassy Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) who goes undercover as a prostitute to get back at the mobsters who murdered her boyfriend.

If you ignore the massive holes in this film, it isn’t too bad. Of course it could be seen as a voyeuristic look at African American female beauty. While the costumes were certainly innumerate, the generic plot didn’t give Grier a chance to stretch her acting legs.

Of course, while this film isn’t too bad, I wouldn’t watch it again given the chance. Some plot elements just disappear with no explanation which might be due to budgetary concerns but just comes across as lazy.

Within the mire there are a few attempts at social commentary but the film seems to try to use Grier’s body as its main vehicle for putting across what it is trying to say, even during the horrific rape scene which just shows that the filmmakers were obviously trying to cross a line when it came to exploitation.

Would I watch this film again? Nope. Even though it has introduced me to the Blaxploitation genre, I really don’t want to watch this film again. Its one of those one-hit wonder sorts of films. While of course these films were a vehicle for Grier’s success, when watching these films a coherent plot and cohesive character arcs are something you will have to look elsewhere to find.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****



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