The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

A man begins to shrink after coming in contact with radiation.

Watching this film, it left me extremely indifferent. Of course the fear of nuclear exposure during a time of nuclear bombs must have been rather frightening to audiences. As a 21st century reviewer, this fear cannot be fathomed.

Even if the film was well-intentioned, it didn’t really have any direction for the most part which was a pity. The characters were just – there. You didn’t really feel any emotion for them and as a result I couldn’t really empathize with the central character’s manhood crisis and loss of identity through his shrinkage.

A lot of reviews have called this movie a masterpiece. I think that’s being a bit enthusiastic on the part of the film. I have seen better masterpieces. In the end, it just seems incredibly preachy in its message about how big the universe is and how small Man is.

If I didn’t need to write about this film for an essay, I wouldn’t have watched it out of choice. It is shoddily put together, and a bit disappointing really. The acting was barely tolerable as well.

MY RATING: * / *****




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