Last Ride (2009)

Australian film about a father, on the run from the law, travelling across Australia with his son. Starring Hugo Weaving.

I was recommended this film by my wonderful sister and fellow blogger, 21st century girl ( – check out her blog, its great). She absolutely adores the films of Australian actor Hugo Weaving. Looking for new blog posts, I set about watching the film.

Some of it is difficult to watch, such as the scenes of violence towards the young boy, Chook (Tom Russell) by his father Kev (Hugo Weaving). That was very uncomfortable to watch, but the overhanging themes are never expressly shown but merely hinted at. That is why it seems all that more eerie because the audience must helplessly watch as everything unfolds.

The cinematography was good, and in such films it seems the ambience is filled with natural digetic sound as the full all encompassing nature of the Australian outback is silently shown. The acting talent was good. I can see why my sister likes Hugo Weaving’s acting style. He is not the conventionally handsome central male figure but he certainly has a presence about him. Tom Russell had promise as Kev’s son, and I hope he’s gone on to do more roles after this one.

The relationship between Chook and Kev was clearly mapped out and was surprisingly tender in the end despite the problematic representation of violence. Would I recommend it? Erm…yes. I suppose so. Its worth a watch.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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