Indian Summers (Series 1)

This blogpost will contain my thoughts on series 1 of the show, Indian Summers, which is set in the 1930s before India gained independence.

To begin with, I wasn’t keen on this series. There seemed to be too many plots crammed in to one episode each time but after sticking with the series (currently in the middle of series 2 as of April 2016), I have realized that it was certainly worth sticking around for.

All of the characters do develop their own characterizations over the course of the series, most of them are reprehensible in some way. It is always interesting to have a show where the British are not represented very positively (neither are the Indians, come to that.) because the British seem to have a love affair with themselves. When that normative pattern is broken it is always refreshing to watch. In the same way, the episodes portray a society where the social niceties are observed but they will turn around and backstab you just as fast.

The character relationships are interesting, even if to begin with they seemed more campy and melodramatic than anything else. Even though there have certainly been some very emotive moments, I haven’t cried at any scenes just because the characters are sVisually, its a beautiful piece of television. The costumes are also very stunning, especially the saris worn by the Indian women.

I will continue to devour the episodes as they are broadcast (thank God for 4OD!) and I hope that the characters within the programme can achieve satisfying character arcs by the time the show ends.

MY RATING: **** / *****



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