Murdered by my Father (2016)

This BBC drama is about a British Indian girl, Selma, who is killed by her father when she falls in love with an unsuitable man.

Its hard to believe that in the modern era – where we are supposedly more developed as a nation, while also having a wide range of cultural diversity – forced marriages still take place.

This drama could have been little more than an exploded mess of melodrama but it was quite good even though I hesitate to give it 5*s due to the provocative subject matter. There is nothing honourable about honour killing, and it was certainly proven through this drama where the freehand camera follows the characters to the final tragic conclusion. The cinematography is done well for a TV drama and the final frames are imbued with heavy meaning concerning family honour and tragic family identity.

The acting talent was certainly plentiful here. YouTuber Mawaan Rizwan in his role as charismatic charmer Imi proves that Youtubers are capable of acting convincingly outside of their Youtube personas.

Ultimately, this was a dark drama and didn’t endeavor to soften the blow.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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