Joseph King of Dreams (2000)

Sub-par ‘sequel’ to the fantastic Prince of Egypt. Joseph is beloved by his father but his brothers are jealous of him because of his prophetic dreams. He is sold in slavery, and helps to save Egypt from disaster.

This is a film which I enjoyed when I was younger (I remember discussing with my teacher when I was about seven about the film’s factual basis vs. fiction. I was a hardcore kid back then) and thought the songs were good and the animation nice.

However, it cannot be helped but at times the film has to be held up against its predecessor Prince of Egypt. In making King of Dreams it seems they must’ve thought that lightening would strike in the same place twice. Nah.

While the animation is nice it does seem to suit the grey area of being something used in a Saturday morning cartoon special. It was, however, a direct-to-video offering so that could explain it. The slim running time could be explained away as something that had to be implemented to keep children interested. (POE ran nearer to 100 minutes.)

While the songs were sometimes memorable, it certainly feels as if the film’s overall aims came across as far more preachy whereas its predecessor was more all-encompassing. I will address these issues in another blogpost if you like. Just because a film plops Ben Affleck into something, doesn’t make it good!

So before this goes off into a long-winded tangent, I just want to say that this film was not great. It was barely adequate. The characters were very ‘flat’ and the film wasn’t very satisfying. I can’t help but compare it to its predecessor. I wanted to revisit it as a film and I did. However, its just so corny it makes my teeth hurt.

MY RATING: * / *****


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