The Queen at 90 (2016)

This was a documentary recently broadcast by ITV to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. In the documentary, they interview members of her family such as Lady Sarah Chatto, Prince William etc.

My mum is a bit of a royalist and she pointed me in the direction of this documentary. While I do not share her extreme royalist sympathies I do understand what a great powerhouse the monarchy has become. With the monarchy also being more of an ornamental figurehead, at least these days people don’t get executed for disagreeing with royal dogma.

This documentary was certainly fun to watch but nothing more than air-whipped nothingness and a good way of wasting an hour. Snippets from other members of the royal family added a familial niceness to the proceedings, and the fact that she is still maintaining her role at such an age is indeed commendable.

However, while I do admire her as a figurehead I don’t follow her every move with breathy apprehension. The documentary was nice to watch and the archive footage and audio was interesting, with the editing merging well with the interviews and the archive footage.

While it is certainly a sweet landmark to mark the Queen’s prestigious birthday, I am not a royalist so cannot perhaps appreciate it as I should.

MY RATING: **** / *****



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