Hillsborough (2016)

An incredibly moving documentary about the 1989 football disaster which claimed 96 lives.

Before watching this documentary, I knew little to nothing about the Hillsborough disaster.

All I knew is that it happened.

This documentary – released this year – mixes footage with interviews with survivors of the disaster. And its bloody heartbreaking. Keeping in mind that I am not a football fan. And I don’t support Liverpool. But that doesn’t matter as you watch the documentary unfold. Because its more about the families who lost loved ones and who constantly fought for justice until the retrial in 2014-2016. There are even some dramatized scenes but these are few and far between. Luckily, this means that attention from the main documentary is not diverted.

The documentary is harrowing. It stands at round about 2 hours long and the news footage of the fans crowding the stands is horrific.

I had no idea that a nasty prank triggered the removal of an experienced Police superintendent, or that the statements from the policemen who were there and the statements of the survivors were altered. In the moments when the mothers were interviewed, it was truly heartbreaking even more so because it hammered the point home that despite the numbers involved when looking at Hillsborough, what matters most of all is that the people who died had families they left behind who waited 27 years for an answer.

The whole disaster seemed to be a farce of incompetence and corruption by the police force and in the media.
At least now the families have the verdict they waited such a long time for.

MY RATING: ***** / *****


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