Smart People (2008)

I have no idea why this film was billed as a comedy. It is so very tiresome and very unlikable.

This film is supposed to be about an acerbic college professor who grows close to an ex-student now MD) while being estranged from his teenage children.

Thrilling stuff, clearly.

I honestly didn’t expect much from this film (if you go into watching films with low expectations, nine times out of ten then you will not be disappointed.) and my expectations were true in this case. Characterization was disappointingly flimsy and I couldn’t feel any emotions for any of the characters at all. They were as flat and boring as a blank piece of A4 paper. As were the comedy elements of this film.

The poor excuse for a romance between Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) and Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker) was pitiful and boring. I hate romances in film which are pulled out of absoloutely nowhere. The script was poorly written too with little or no structure. There were so many unresolved plot arcs – it made my head hurt!

Why do writers and directors think that if you add a sharp witted dialogue scene then it will solve any chemistry / logic issues with the two main protagonists in a vain effort to create a halfway plausable romantic plot? This film will be sitting comfortably in my ‘worst films’ blogpost for a long time to come.

MY RATING: * / *****



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