Indian Summers (2015-2016)

As of 16th May 2016, the Channel 4 drama Indian Summers is over. There will be no third series.

To be honest, my thoughts about the show were very mixed. It was visually very beautifully done, but at the same time the editing seemed really choppy. There was a strong emphasis on only a few characters, as if there was the expectation that other plots would be picked up if more episodes had been made.

Even though it was good for the episode to end happily, the plot structure was a bit uneven and involved a hurried intimate scene with a character never actually seen within the story. Again, probably put into the episode with the expectation of continuation but for the most part it was just really weird. If the character had any previous importance, I must’ve been taking a long nap when their story was playing out.

It’s a pity that the show was cancelled but I don’t think the narrative would’ve kept the romantic pairings solid for very long because from a plot structure perspective happiness is boring. The only romantic pairing I liked until it changed was the pairing of Sooni and Mr McCloud but unfortunately it was not to be. Her chosen romantic interest, Mr Khan, was sadly underdeveloped as a character. In the same way, any dramatic revelations about parentage of important British characters left be incredibly disinterested.

The character of Charles Havistock was quite the evilton but his downfall in the final episode was a relief. It is good watching a series where the British people are not portrayed very well. I was initially put off from the story by the plotlines which were too tangled and messy in series 1 to be even vaguely tangible.

So…while it was a vaguely watchable show, it dragged for the most part. It was very visually pretty, but also quite bulky at the same time. It was overblown and rather pretentious. Still, a pity that so many shows I watch (and enjoy) are being cancelled.

Ultimately, it was good that it ended with all the plot points tied up (albeit hastily) but it was sadly too stodgy a drama to flow fluidly and probably would’ve crashed and burned if it had not been cancelled.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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