The Westerner (1940)

While I’m not the biggest fan of the western genre, I feel that Gary Cooper’s ability to be a convincing male lead was severely lacking here.

I don’t know whether it was just my indifference towards the genre, but I really hated this film.

The romantic plot is clunked in there for form’s sake and its incredibly dated in regards to the female stereotype. Perhaps it was an underhand way of telling wives eager to work outside the home during the war to stay put for the good of the menfolk. Who can say? Anyway, even though the film was about an hour and 40 minutes long it was still incredibly tedious.

The homesteaders vs cattlemen story was interesting but not enough for me to keep interested for the film’s entirety. Gary Cooper’s ability as a leading man is incredibly one dimensional and he lacks the charisma of actors such as John Wayne.

It wasn’t all bad. I liked the linkages with the famous Jersey-born actress Lily Langtry but that was it. Ultimately an incredibly disappointing movie.

MY RATING: * / *****


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