Buster (1988)

Another film which left me less than impressed. Although I didn’t dislike it enough to put it on my ‘Worst Films’ list.

This film stars singer Phil Collins as Buster Edwards, one of the men involved in the Great Train Robbery in 1963.

First of all, my knowledge of events surrounding it is rudimentary. Also, I didn’t realize till half way through the film that it was Phil Collins in the lead role. I’m glad I didn’t realize because then it would have probably clouded my judgement. This film was probably supposed to prove that singers can have acting careers too. The atmosphere seemed perfectly set in the 1960s and that was certainly to its credit. It was nice seeing a young Julie Walters in the role of Buster’s wife June who puts up with his petty thieving ways.

I feel the film romanticized Buster’s lifestyle too much, and the story tried to make their life abroad look desirable in comparison to June’s working class lifestyle of living with her mother and having egg and chips to eat.

I genuinely expected more Phil Collins hits to be crammed into this little film. Even so, would I watch this film again? Nope. It was too slow but at the same time the way it tried to redeem those involved in the robbery and the assaults was unforgivable. Buster Edwards himself certainly didn’t live the idyllic family-centered existence that this film seems to expect!

MY RATING: * / *****



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