Redefining Juliet (2016)

This is a BBC documentary concerning six young women who are all playing Juliet onstage but they want to celebrate their difference rather than to hide it.

This documentary was a thoughtful fascinating critique of female perception as Juliet. As the documentary progressed, I realized that I didn’t notice what made these women different from other theatre actresses portraying Juliet. They all had an immense amount of passion, a love for life and a desire to bring their own interpretation to the role of Juliet.

I feel that this documentary caused me to confront my own preconceptions about difference whether it be sexual, physical or anything in between. You don’t notice the differences. They are just bound by an invisible sisterhood and want to portray Juliet in a completely new way.

I highly recommend this documentary to everyone. Not only does it have fantastic visuals, it is also very inspiring and will hopefully get people to challenge preconceptions about other people.

I didn’t expect it to, but I was even emotionally moved by the documentary itself. Well done to all involved.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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