Balmoral (2009)

This documentary talks about Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s Scottish residence, and how it has impacted the Scottish way of life and Royal etiquette.

I am a bit middling about royal documentaries. Legions of royal commentators discuss in hushed voices about the movements of the royal family like its David Attenbrough commenting on the mating activities of a rare species of bird.

But for what its worth, this documentary was quite good. Visually, it was quite a treat with sections from diaries being used as voiceovers, as well as footage of the Queen and her family enjoying a relaxing time away from the duties of Court.

It was interesting hearing about Balmoral’s origins because even though I was vaguely familiar with them, it was still fascinating to hear about. It is rather endearing that Queen Victoria became enraptured with Scotland after reading Scott’s works, and hearing extracts from her diaries made her seem all the more human.

The documentary was well structured and struck the right note between serious and fun. It also highlighted what an important part of royal protocol Balmoral is for the Queen and her family, which was certainly an interesting addition to the documentary. Even though I normally can’t stand the sort of royal documentary where they treat the royal family’s movements like fine bone china, this is certainly one of the better ones and worth a watch whether you consider yourself to be a royalist or not.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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