Wallander Series 4 Episode 1

‘The White Lioness’

Back when this blog started, I reviewed some previous episodes of Wallander because I got one of the series for my birthday. Now, the fourth series was broadcast back in May.

This episode took place in South Africa – a world away from the ice-burned locales of Sweden. This episode was well-paced even though it took me a little longer to get back into the ebb and flow of the episode because its been a few years since I’ve watched a Wallander episode. However, I quickly got into the episode despite the intervening few years.

Wallander felt that bit older. He wasn’t a fast-talking Sherlock-esque hero but rather a quick-thinking police detective caught up in the mire of big organizations not wanting to get their hands dirty. It was also really sweet to have believable side-arcs through the police detective, Grace Mthembu (Bonnie Henna)’s relationship with her daughter, Nomalanga (Latita Ndzwayiba) because even though it was only briefly glimpsed it felt more real than the standard side character who flits in and out of a story with little impact on the core characters.

I’m looking forward to the other episodes even though its sad that there will be no more episodes after this series. However, hopefully after this episode they return to the standard Swedish setting because without its main selling point the episode isn’t as strong as it could be.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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