Cinderella (2015)

“Have courage, and be kind,” 

Having watched this film recently, I pretty much fell in love with it.

To tell you the truth, while I did watch the 1950s Disney adaptation of Cinderella when I was younger, I wasn’t enchanted by it. However, when this film originally came out I scoffed at the idea of yet another Cinderella adaptation – how many do we really need?

However, last month, I watched this film properly for the first time. I felt they made this Cinderella more…human? Who knows. Lily James was a marvel and certainly did more than blink and smile while wearing pretty dresses. It was good to have a Cinderella story which characterized her parents as well, instead of making them half-mythical figures who are only on the edge of the story.

All of the other supporting acting talent was commendable too. Richard Madden was fantastic in his role of Prince Kit. It just seemed more real a relationship between Kit and Ella as opposed to one which begins when they first lock eyes in the ballroom, as is often seen in previous variations of the story.

Visually, this film was very lovely. It felt like a fairy tale all of its own and the characters seemed far more lifelike than is typical. Cinderella was not so 2D a character as has often been said. She has a breaking point too, and when this happens both times they are both well done and equally as devastating as each other.

Sophie McShera and Holliday Grainger as the evil stepsisters were both very good. Their ballgowns were an orgasmic mess of fabric but it was certainly a good way of trying to emphasize the desperation of Lady Tremaine and her daughters to get the attention of the Prince.

I loved this film very much and will likely watch it again soon. I loved the blue dress Lily James wore, and Cate Blanchett was perfect as the evil stepmother. Her character motivation was tangible and the reasons for her victimization of Ella were solid, although of course incredibly unfair.

A beautifully told fairy story for all ages.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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