Wallander Series 4 Episode 2

‘A Lesson in Love’

This was a very good episode, another from the series starring Kenneth Branagh.

I loved this episode because showed Wallander’s relationship with his granddaughter, Klara. Within the episode’s context, it seemed very…I don’t know…genuine? It seemed genuine compared to so many other TV detectives who are more like archetypes.

The main section of the plot was concerned with a girl murdering her mother and a dispute with a biker gang. The entire plot unfolded well and didn’t really need a great deal of exposition; being merely content to unfold at its own pace.

A big chunk of the story was also concerned with Kurt Wallander’s concerns that he might be suffering from memory loss just as his father did. It was done in such a way that as a viewer you can feel the mounting fear and tension of history being repeated. The episode also sees the reemergence of an old flame for Kurt, which was nice to see and gave hopes of happiness but I hadn’t seen the original episodes in a few years so it took a short while for me to join all of the dots.

The final two episodes are based on the Wallander books and in this instance I think it would be good for the series to end for good when it ends because it won’t be a genuine Wallander story if it is plucked out of the blue by screenwriters who write it just to continue a series. Which, to be honest, would be better to end at the point to which the books end. Especially if the character is going to be suffering from Alzheimer’s.


All the same, this episode was probably my favourite so far.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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