Titanic: The Legend Lives On (2000)

Known in Italian as ‘La Leggenda continua’.

I had heard about this film through the youtuber, Nostalgia Critic, who reviewed it and was less than impressed. I did not believe the film to be as bad as he said it was in his review. Oh, but it was. It really was.

I hate giving bad reviews to films because I feel as if I’ve failed. However, it really does seem the consensus is this film is terrible. Even the 1997 adaptation was palpable compared to this pile of trash.

There are too many subplots going on at the same time and it gets very tiresome. For most of the film, I couldn’t bring myself to care what happened to any of the characters. The romance plot between William and Angelica was so clumsily written and more attention was given to the storylines involving the mice and animals below deck. Seriously. The lost mother story was also very poorly written in, although it was a core narrative arc within the story.

Not only is the narrative shabbily written, but they shamelessly reuse animation so much that its actually quite disgustingly lazy. If you are going to make a film of 1hr 30 mins duration, then produce enough animation for it! I thought I was going insane. Character development is non-existent and the animals don’t even serve any purpose. They just stand around making weird grunts and squeaks as the poor excuse for a film totters around them.

There is nothing positive about this film at all. It’s just so lazy. At least if the studio had made a animated film using original ideas then maybe the film could have merit in the animation. But alas no. The music was also awful, and the character who was supposed to be a singer (I forget her name) was drawn in an outfit which was more like something you’d find in a 21st century strip show and not suitable for the era. Small niggle, I know, but it was one of many things that irritated me when watching this film.I don’t think that a singer on the Titanic would really be singing a 1990s popsong, either (I can’t remember the proper name of the song she sang, but all I remember is that it was totally abysmal!). But I think as an audience we’re supposed to ignore that.

Final thoughts? AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!

MY RATING: * / *****



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