Wallander Series 4 Episode 3

‘The Troubled Man’.

This was the final episode of series 4 and the last ever Wallander episode. I thought there was four episodes but I was wrong. My mistake.

This episode was the best of them all because not only is it a farewell to Wallander as he battles the rapidly advancing onset of Alzheimer’s while also trying to solve the mystery of his father in law’s disappearance.

To begin with, the cinematography is dredged with greyness in all its misery. The foggy stifling nature of the atmosphere encroaches on the story and the pacing of the episode itself was good. Kenneth Branagh shines yet again as the central detective whose mind is slowly fading. Wallander’s fears of succumbing to the same condition that claimed his father seems all too real in this episode, especially when he is found wandering disorientated by his daughter. It truly brought realism to a condition faced every day by many sufferers. Slipping between clarity and disorientation, it is an area of the condition rarely covered by television.

The episode had plenty of twists and turns and was always keeping me guessing. The links with the Soviets and conspiracies was certainly interesting. I wish I knew more about that element of history.

My favourite part of the episode was when Kurt confided in his daughter about his fears of not being able to remember anything anymore. It made the central plot of his degenerative mind all that more important and emphasized the temporary nature of memory in general.

A super episode. It didn’t end with a flash bang and a wallop. It ended with Kurt Wallander’s peaceful swansong. We do not need to see the end, but all we can fathom is that it will happen and he is at peace. An unexpectedly moving episode. Well done to all involved.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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