The Real Buddy Holly Story (1985)

This was a fantastic documentary I found online about the late great Buddy Holly, presented by Paul McCartney. Well worth a watch!

Recently I’ve become a big fan of Buddy Holly’s music. He was around at the same time as Elvis but unfortunately fate dealt him a bad hand and he died tragically in a plane crash before his true potential could be realized.

It could be argued that the production values for this documentary aren’t very high. However, it is still a fantastic documentary where Buddy’s friends, family and loved ones are interviewed. Coupled with this, there is plenty of rare footage and audio especially of his concerts and tours. At the time of writing (late June 2016) I have already watched it twice in as many days.

I didn’t watch it to learn about rock and roll, or the structure of the band. I watched it to learn more about the guy behind the specs, as it were. The television footage of the band performing the song ‘Peggy Sue’ is a gem in itself. The film also contains the first images of Elvis Presley on film as well and it is interesting to see the two men at least as contemporaries.

As often happens, you can but wonder what would have happened to Buddy’s career if it hadn’t been so curtly curtailed. McCartney’s presenting of this documentary gives life to Holly which was denied by the movie. While the film is good, it was a bit of a let down. All the same, I highly recommend you watch the documentary. It puts Buddy across as this incredibly down-to-earth guy who deserved far more fame than he received.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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