Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

Sequel to Elizabeth (1998). Elizabeth struggles with her romantic jealousies and trying to deal with an impending assassination plot.

My sister recommended that I watch this film because of the presence of her favourite actor, Clive Owen, playing the role of Sir Walter Raleigh. I had seen Elizabeth and been ultimately rather disappointed. I had hoped that this film would be better. Perhaps one of those rare times when the sequel is better than its predeccessor.

Ultimately, it was disappointing. I think I might even tentatively slide this film into my Top 10 worst films? The acting was wooden and the chemistry between the characters seemed forced. Even Clive Owen’s talent was hindered here and his true talent was stifled. His true purpose as a character seemed a bit jumbled and he just wandered from scene to scene looking dazed. Cate Blanchett is usually a very strong actress who can portray a variety of roles but here I just felt completely indifferent to her in this film. The script was also quite badly done, and the dialogue felt very stagey.

The one upside to this film was the visuals and the costumes. Both were excellent but I think these two combined elements didn’t quite save this film from being a total disgrace. The film was a forgettable mess and I, quite frankly, was glad when it was over.

MY RATING: * / *****




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