Beaches (1988)

A lovely film about the friendship of two women from vastly different social backgrounds which begins from childhood.

Looking back on my posts I was very surprised that I hadn’t reviewed this film yet. It has always been one of the films I return to time and time and again so the post MIA on my blog surprised me.

Typically described as a ‘weepie’, yet on another viewing something occurred to me. This film subverts the weepie status and makes it something more. While of course Bette Midler shines as the brassy CC Bloom, the film is about friendship and female bonds in a masculine-controlled world.

It has comedy and saddness, and everything in between. I, however, wasn’t keen on Barbara Hershey as the ‘rich girl’ Hilary Whitney but the characterization eventually became tolerable. The music and songs in the film were fantastic and catchy (Otto Tisling, anyone?), while the main theme Wind Beneath My Wings was indeed very memorable.

I don’t think I could give this film a solid 5*’s however, despite how much I appreciate it. Of course it has its flaws but visually it is very beautiful and reminds us of the enduring power of friendship.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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