Cast Away (2000)

Movie about a FedEx executive who crash lands on a deserted island and survives for years with only a volleyball, Wilson, for company.

In all my 21 years of life on this earth I have never seen Cast Away before. And for that I am ashamed. Of course, I know the plot. And I am most certainly aware of the huge cultural presence the film has. Of course, Tom Hanks is also very good in whatever character he portrays.

My first impressions of the film were that felt like one long FedEx advert. However, as the film progressed I slowly became enraptured. For a film that pretty much has one stagnant setting for 90% of the film itself, and one main solitary actor, it could potentially be rather boring. However, the film proved me wrong. If you were to tell me before that I would be on the edge of my seat as a man deserted on an island shouted ‘WILSON!’ repeatedly then  I would have thought you quite mad.

While this film isn’t emotionally moving to the extreme that it causes me to tear up, but it does say a great deal about survival and dealing with life when it hits you hardest. So much of this film is played out through people’s emotions and facial expressions, reacting to the moments around them. The camera focuses so much on Hanks’s face that the audience is carried along on the journey.

I wish I’d watched this film much sooner than now but I’m glad I watched it now. It certainly speaks for the depth of human endurance as well as the ability to find hope in the darkest of places.

MY RATING: **** / *****



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