Unfriended (2014)


And, from a lovely family-friendly musical. To a found footage horror movie!

The basic premise of the film is that it is about a group of high school friends who take part in a group Skype-call and are quickly terrorised by messages supposedly sent by a classmate who committed suicide the year before.

The film is shot entirely through the main character’s Macbook screen. This immediately gives the feeling of paranoia and immediacy to the film, as well as involving the viewer with the action. Because there are no cut aways, there is nowhere else to look and thus this makes us as viewers vulnerable to any visual attacks. Watching this movie on a Sharp LCD TV intensified this feeling for me.

The claustrophobia of this film is quite extreme, given that the camera work never deviates from its static state. Watching every Facebook interaction throughout the film was incredibly inane, however, as the story unfolds it certainly becomes clear that not everyone is as innocent in Laura Barns’s fate as first seems.

There is zero character development. But, then again, if you are expecting to watch a film with character development then I highly recommend you watch something else. Of course, in this film there is no character development because all of the characters are defined by what they did to each other and what they did to Laura Barns. As the truth is revealed, everyone turns on each other and the flimsy bonds of their friendship soon fall apart.

I don’t know if this film is supposed to be a film about the horrors of modern communication or whatever, but it certainly shows how secrets and lies can be turned against a person with horrific results. While its not the worst film I’ve seen, I’ve seen better.

MY RATING: ** / *****




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