Versailles (2015) Series 1 Review.

On 10th August 2016, series 1 of the French-Canadian series, ‘Versailles’ ended.

To be honest, it took time for me to become engrossed in this drama. However, what made up for my uncertainties was the jewel-rich costumes and settings. Top marks to the costume designers etc because this element of the series was very lavish indeed. I also adore the open titles music.

If you’re looking for a proper historical lesson then this probably isn’t the drama for you. However, it is very sumptuous and the acting talent is good. George Blagden (Les Miserables, Vikings) is a marvel and is superb as King Louis while Alexander Vlahos (Merlin) as Louis’s brother Phillipe was impressive too.

There was apparently a bit of controversy because the main actors cast were not French. However, this didn’t bother me and didn’t really stop me from imersing myself in the drama. Intrigue and scandal were interwoven to make a compelling story and the characters were well written with motivations and believable character development. However, during the early episodes there were moments when I kept on thinking ‘Who is that again??’ and ‘what does HE do?’. The inner workings of the court seem to be very toxic and you never know who to trust.

The final episode was very well done although I wouldn’t completely give it the complete 5*’s. The overuse of slow motion got very amusing and I had to keep reminding myself that I was watching a historical drama and not an advert for hair care products with better-than-average costumes. Luckily the series has been renewed because the ending was obviously written banking on there being a continuation. There was even a few sad moments in the final episode, with the death of a main character, which I didn’t expect.

Stellar performances from all involved. I look forward to Series 2.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****




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