Cool Cat Saves the Kids (2015)

I can’t believe I’m even reviewing this…

This movie is a children’s anti-bullying film starring an anthropomorphic cat called ‘Cool Cat’ and the film is supposed to help children through life’s important issues such as cyber bullying, road safety and safety around guns.

This film is problematic because it was very heavily criticized and Derek Savage, the writer, director and actor (he didn’t play the cat) in the film reacted very badly to said criticisms.

I became aware of this film through the Youtuber I Hate Everything and promised a friend that I would never review this film. I was wrong. I think curiosity got the better of me. Now, keeping in mind that I am in no way within the correct age demographic for this film. Perhaps I should have roped in a small child to watch this film with me? I don’t know, perhaps I don’t prepare well enough.

However, what I noticed right away was this film failed in the elements of cohesive script and editing. While I’m sure Savage’s intent was to create an earnest moralistic tale about the dangers of bullying and guns, I think it just falls a bit short. The glaring continuity and editing errors are too obvious to ignore and I also felt sorry for the celebrities who had cameos in this film. Whenever a flub take was included in the film all I could think of was how lazy it was.

Despite this, and despite the inevitably low score I will be giving this film, Savage’s heart was clearly in the right place. It’s just that the intention didn’t translate very well across to this film, and all of the characters were little more than stereotypes. It also idealogically reinforced the false preconception that bullies have no friends and that is the reason they bully others.

So…ultimately, this film was hugely disappointing. It was badly edited, poorly scripted and left a great deal to be desired.

MY RATING: * / *****



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