Double Down (2005)

One of the Neil Breen trilogy films. A computer hacker comes to terms with life, love and death.

So, just before I launch into this review I just want to say that I understand that everyone wants to have a few vanity projects from time to time. Its always interesting to see what can be achieved with the use of a skeleton crew and minimal budget. However, this film was atrociously bad.

Before, having seen such daring cinematic endeavours as Amazing Bulk, The Room and the social commentary that is Cool Cat Saves the Kids, I thought it couldn’t get any worse. I was wrong. Never before has a film made me wince so much as this film did.

The script is abominably bad, and the acting is wooden. The editing and continuity is awful, with so many scenes of stock footage and reused footage that it wasn’t even funny. 95% of the film is told through voicover. That is fine (although very frustrating) but ultimately, the overload of expositional dialogue is what made this film divebomb further in my estimations. It got boring and repetitive with Breen’s character (the central character, remember!!) declaring that he could explode the world and contact all of the world leaders. There were plenty more instances of abysmal scriptwriting throughout the entire film’s duration.

Ooh, also I don’t know that much about computer hacking but hackers tend to hack using computers which are switched ON!!!!

One particular moment which stood out for me in this case was when a couple told Breen’s character that their daughter had brain cancer. Their telling him and his response seemed too wooden to be believable. Another driving force in this film is also the relationship Aaron (Breen) had with his fiancee. From his repeated lamentations, you get the idea that she was the love of his life, etc etc. In their scenes together, both are unbelievably wooden and I didn’t really feel any emotion for their relationship and such when it was suddenly ended I realized I couldn’t really care about it one way or another.

Nothing in this film is even remotely logical – but then again, I didn’t really expect anything less. This movie smacks of someone who wanted to make an ego project and saw it as a big pat on the back for himself. So, ultimately this film was bad. On a par with such films I have reviewed before such as Amazing Bulk and The Room.  And while I think this film review is a tad too long now, but I just want to say…

I know that there are limitations when you make something on basically zero budget. Of course you have to cut corners. I’m not criticizing that. What I’m criticizing is the fist-clenchingly awkward verbal style and the ability this film has to make a film of 90 minutes duration go on for as long as possible!

MY RATING: * / *****


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