I am Here…Now (2009)

Image result for I am here now 2009Another film in the Breen trilogy.

Watching this film makes me realize that Breen certainly tries with the symbolism. I am hesitant to rain negativity on this film but I really can’t help it.

This film just smacks as another Breen ego boost. In this film, he IS God. Chock full with awful acting and laughable characters, I couldn’t help but fail to take this film seriously. Just like its predecessor.

While this film is an improvement on Double Down (in that they use more than one location), the narrative arcs were just so badly done it was shameful. Any attempts to make the characters memorable or worth of attention just fell as flat as a lead balloon.

Morality is either black or white in its extremes and of course Breen IS GOD! His films all share the unified representation of how evil Corporations and Government are. Ooh, and don’t forget the cleavage! Morality is a bit hazy here too. When the women of the film who are all environmental activists lose their jobs, what is their only option? Prostitution, of course! And the scene involving the terminally ill man and the Las Vegas sign? Ehhh, I have a feeling that in his mind Breen wanted that scene to be moving and thought-provoking, but instead he succeeds in creating a film which is all the more overt in its laziness.

The dialogue is still as painful as it was in Double Down, and its as if Breen doesn’t really understand either how people talk or how women, nay, people operate as human beings. It’s certainly frustrating.

MY RATING: * / *****


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