Cathy Come Home (1966)

Image result for cathy come homeOne of many films produced as a ‘Wednesday Play’ a series of television films which discussed controversial social issues.

This film is about a couple, Cathy and Reg, who battle homelessness after the birth of their children. It’s filmed in a docu-drama style and actually surpassed my expectations of what a television play should be.

It is truly heartbreaking as the life of constant pregnancy, unemployment and overcrowded homes is shown. You sympathize with those on the bottom rung of society as they are bumped from one place to the next by uncaring administration officials who obviously see them as little more than figures on a document or names on a list. The ending scene is harrowing because the governement officials clearly don’t care about the welfare of Cathy anymore and toss her on the proverbial scrapheap.

The public reaction to the film was apparently monumental and no wonder! Of course, harsher things have been shown in the fifty years since its just such things had never really been shown before.

Some of the racist overtones are actualities which we see today pumped out onto the pages of the tabloids and that’s just sad. Some things never change.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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