Fateful Findings (2013)

Image result for fateful findings neil breen
The third film in the Breen trilogy.

This film was painful to watch. I know I say that a lot about any Breen movie. But this film really was excruciating. More and more this film tried to act as a self-inflicted ego stroke for Breen himself. Remember, all women want him!

Making his central character a computer hacker of some sort seems to be a recurring theme of Breen’s films and its rather boring. It’s as if he is playing out an untapped fantasy for himself where he is the Hero, bringing down corporations and getting the girl. Of course, every hacker hacks with computer systems never actually turned on. I’m sure it adds to the mystery. Or something.

The acting in this film was awful. From everyone involved. That’s concerning, seeing as in this case the actors had other credits and weren’t just in to do something for a chum. The camera work was just bumbling and awkward. It wasn’t very fluidic which just gave a very strong impression of being badly put together as a film, and it didn’t flow very well either. That’s not really the fault of the (other) actors. It’s the editing that is at fault.

This film is as unintentionally funny as Breen’s previous offerings. The characters are still as flat as before, with too much exposition and needless nudity. I didn’t really care about the romance plots in the film and there was no chemistry between Breen or the other actresses. Repeating a line does not equate to a deeper, more sincere feeling. Remember that, people! His acting is wooden and just leaves a great deal to be desired. I feel like I’ve covered all of this in previous reviews, so I’ll leave it at that.

Ah, as I said before, I know that Breen obviously felt passion for a project and invested money into it. That’s great. What’s not great is the incompetent editing, script and desire for Breen to see himself as some sort of demi-god.

MY RATING: * / *****


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