Rachel and the Stranger (1948)

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A farmer (William Holden) during the Pioneer days marries his bond servant (Loretta Young) for the sake of social convention until the arrival of a frontiersman, Jim (Robert Mitchum) questions his relationship with her.

I am by and large not the biggest fan of westerns. They’re just not really my cup of tea and that’s why they aren’t a genre I usually review as much as others. I, however, have seen Robert Mitchum in other films and he was usually rather good.

The story short and sweet, while also being rather endearing too. It’s a Western, don’t expect miracles but for what its worth the film is rather good. I didn’t know anything about indentured servitude and despite everything it is made light and frothy despite the problematic subject matter.

It’s not a very well known Western today but I’d recommend you watch it if it ever turns up on the listings. Robert Mitchum is good as always and Gary Gray as the young son, Davy, played the role well without the affectations that are normally seen when portraying a child’s character on film.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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