Buddy Holly: The Last Day (2000)

Another Buddy Holly documentary. This talks about the events in the run up to the tragic plane crash.

Anybody in my family knows that I am a big fan of the late great bespectacled rocker and when I found this documentary on YouTube I was keen to watch it. You really can’t beat a good documentary.

I honestly thought this was going to be the sort of documentary with little structure and the sort which will always claims that any sort of disaster is a result of the mafia, UFOs or conspiracy. Luckily it was not and while quite short it filled its time admirably and the people who were a part of the fateful day (i.e.: Buddy’s brothers, the airline manager, etc) were interviewed. This is just one of many similar documentaries. I reviewed a similar one recently; the Buddy Holly documentary produced by Paul McCartney.

This documentary is good, and humanizes the tragedy. It discusses the cultural attitude towards rock and roll at the time as well as the dynamics of the group. A thoroughly engrossing documentary over all. The bit at the end about Holly’s songs being used the preach the gospel I felt wasn’t really needed because it detracted from the main focus of the documentary itself.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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