Cold Feet (2016) Series 6 Episode 1 First Impressions.

Image result for cold feet 2016And so, with a hop and a skip, in September 2016, Cold Feet returned and saw the reunion of the old gang from the show’s original run. Excluding Rachel, obviously.

Cold Feet returned in September, 13 years after the end of the original run. This time, everyone is older. Wiser, perhaps? Instead of bedhopping we have many other problems such as midlife crises and speeding tickets.

The original series was daringly comedic yet postmodern in its style but judging by this episode all of that is abandoned and it moves at a slower pace. It is great to see how everyone has grown up but never completely moved on in their own way. Its also great seeing the kids from the original series grow up a bit and they’re likely to inevitably experience the same highs and lows as their parents did previously. Adam’s son Matthew was well played by Cel Spellman (Waterloo Road) was well done and the presence of Helen Baxendale’s Rachel was certainly felt although not put across through the tiresome and oft-used trope of spectral visitations et al.

This episode, nay, this series, doesn’t need to have the same fast-paced action as its original because this series stands for an entirely new set of ideologies and obviously isn’t going to settle for the quick-as-a-wink ‘We Need It Now’ stance that the original had.

It was good to see the return of all the characters and I wait with anticipation all that the other episodes have in store.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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