A Nous la liberte (1931)

Image result for a nous la liberte movie(English: Freedom for us) A convict-turned-factory manager reconnects with a former prison friend and they plan to flee the confines of industry.

Just to say, I don’t hate this film.

Far from it, but perhaps I expected too much from it and therein lies the problem. It is French satire and the film itself consists of numerous conveyor-belt related gags, as well as the inevitable comedy that is supposed to come from people chasing each other. Not to mention the inevitable romantic entanglements which occur.

I know this is supposed to be a landmark in French cinema but it just left me feeling slightly ‘meh’. Of course it is a film to watch (I watched it for a university-related film screening) but I would never watch this film for the enjoyment of it but rather because of its linkages to Charlie Chaplain.

Basically, this film isn’t really anything to shout about but it was interesting to see how they approached physical comedy and perhaps there are elements of it being slightly ‘dated’ seeing as there is a particular gag involving a flower which I don’t think would pass today – satire or not. It was also quite sweet as the central character, Louis, was quite obviously besotted with fellow factory worker, Jeanne. However, it is also the sort of film where the hero fails to win the girl.

Watch the film if you like. Perhaps I’m missing something, but it was an OK film but nothing to scream about.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****




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