Louis Theroux: Savile (2016)

Daring documentary in which Louis Theroux explores his previous connections with notorious pedophile tv presenter Jimmy Savile and how he should have exposed the truth sooner.

I had heard about this documentary and wanted to watch it. Not out of some gluttonous self-interest, just because of how the revalations exploded following Savile’s death. I hadn’t seen Theroux’s previous documentary but it didn’t deplete any feelings I had towards this.

He those who knew and were involved with Savile, and presents the interviews uncritically. The documentary is brutal at times, but it feels like it has earned the right to be. Theroux’s self-blame is rather pitiful because it shows that it wasn’t just him who was taken in by Savile, and him shouldering the blame is a small part of a big problem. Looking into this further I realized that ever since the 1970s people tried to speak out against Savile but were quickly snubbed by the BBC. As I said, small part of big problem.

An interesting documentary, but I think that no matter how many documentaries get released about Savile and his horrific villany, I can’t help but feel that they are only scratching the surface. There is only so far you can fall down the cesspit of depravity before you consider yourself truly lost. Again, Theroux shouldn’t throw himself under the bus for what he failed to see. It’s clearly the BBC at fault here.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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