From this Day Forward (1946)

Image result for from this day forward 1946 movieAn interesting movie in which a former army seargent looks back on his pre-war life and his marriage to his wife.

I wasn’t too sure what to make of this film. I was aware of Joan Fontaine and her acting, and looked forward to seeing this film. To present the central male protagonist postwar as someone who struggles amongst a wave of world-weary men like him is quite a daring topic to propagate.

This film feels like it could be an early Douglas Sirk-esque melodrama. It has plenty of the tropes and the ending doesn’t really feel like an ending – more a beginning of an even bigger journey. I guess the film expects you to hope for everything to turn out well for the couple – you never see the outcome of Bill’s job interview, for example – but you never really know. It is melodrama, after all.

While this film was interesting, I don’t think I would rewatch this film too readily. While it is an interesting study in postwar life, it doesn’t really bring up any surprises and thus its replaybility is not ranked very high in my estimations. It is interesting to see the societal expectations which were seen as norms in those days (i.e: working women viewed with suspicion, giving up job upon a pregnancy etc) but aside from that this film was little more than a pleasant distraction.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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